Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Photo Color Scheme - Blue, Grey, Magenta

Pin It We recently had our family photos done and we absolutely love how they turned out!  I thought about what we were going to wear for way too I spent too much time on Pinterest and 100 photo blogs scouting out ideas.  When the practical side of my brain kicked in, I decided to work with what we had.  I did, however, buy the little gal a new shirt from Target, but the rest was already hanging in the closet.  

I tried not to be too matchy-matchy, but I did want to coordinate the colors.  Overall, I think the photos turned out beautifully!  Now it's off to find some frames and get these little gems on the walls.


{images taken by Michelle Sperry Photography}


  1. They are good pictures. Such a cute little girl.

  2. subjects like this makes a photographer's job easy; just point and shoot and the end result is always awesome.

  3. Beautiful images. Love the second one' :)

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