Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Martha Stewart Tinsel Glitter Giveaway

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Because glitter makes everything better, here are a few inspirational ideas to get you on the right track...

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Here's how to win: 

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 The Martha Stewart Tinsel glitter giveaway will end on December 4th at 9:00 pm EST.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sending Packages to Our Troops

Pin It I'm excited to share this post with all of you because it's dedicated to all of our troops serving here and abroad.  I think just about every one of us know of someone - friend or family - that is serving in our military.  A long time friend of mine has a brother who's currently serving in the mountains near the Afghanistan and Pakistan border.  This post is especially for him.

If you've never put together a care package {like me} you'll want some ideas about what to pack.  You can find information here and here and shipping advice here.  I learned this weekend that a lot depends on where they're stationed...ie the weather, their living quarters..etc.

So I put together some things that either came recommended or just because I thought he'd like them {enter Maxim magazine here}.

white t-shirts
cheesy mac {just add water}
granola bars
magazines - the Maxim Salute to the Military was a no brainer

Here's where he's stationed in case you'd like to send a little something his way too:

E. Roney

FOB Sharana
APO, AE 09311

Thank you to all military men and women!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Pin It When I was little, my job on Thanksgiving day was to create place cards for everyone at the table.  Much like the ones I did here, except a little a lot less involved.  Still today, I'm a sucker for table decor.  I should be honest though, between the baking, the cooking, and the prepping, my table decor is usually slim pickens.

There are, however, some creative folks out there {or should I say magazine staff} who really know how to make a table look oh, so pretty.  I've collected a few photos of my favorite Thanksgiving table settings in several different themes.

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{For the Kiddos}
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Whether you're country or modern, traditional or glamorous, I hope your table is full of laughter, love, and happiness.


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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Homemade for the Holidays: Day 7, Melissa with La La Bliss

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The last and final day of Handmade for the Holidays is here. I hope you all had a chance to cross off some family and friends on your list with these handmade gifts. I think all of our guests did a lovely job! We have one more to share with you - a festive apron for the holidays - by none other than Melissa at La La Bliss


I like to make a majority of the Christmas presents that I give. I think it's nice to receive a gift that is personalized and full of thought. This gem is for my Aunt. We joke around with her all the time about her love for men. So when I saw this fabric on sale ages ago, I snatched it up knowing I would use it to make her something. I figure she can wear this while making fruitcakes or while entertaining her friends from the Red Hats Society.

Yes, that's my hubby modeling the apron :)

Novelty Fabric 32"x23" ( I used All I Want For Christmas by Michael Miller) Coordinating Fabric 44" width x 2 yards (for the back, pleated ruffle and waistband) 1 package extra large ric rac coordinating thread sewing machine scissors pins Prep: Wash all fabrics and ric rac in hot water and dry on hot. Do not skip this step. Since this is an apron and will get dirty and need to be washed, it's best to preshrink the fabrics. Don't argue with me, just do it. Once dry, iron and cut out the following: Novelty Fabric (front) 32 inches x 23 inches Coordinating Fabric For the back (side b) of the apron: 32 inches x 23 inches *For the pleated ruffle: 12 ft (144 inches) x 4 inches strip you can piece these together as long as they total 144 inches long and are 4 inches wide. For the waistband: 7.5 feet (90 inches) x 5 inches strip again, you can piece these together  *If you'd like to make a quicker version or a more masculine apron you can leave out the pleated ruffle, or you can purchase already made trim or lace.

Step #1: Sandwich together the two 32"x23" pieces of fabric. Fold in half vertically. Use a bowl or something round and trace along the bottom corner and cut to create rounded corners. Set aside. Step 

#2: Making the Pleated Ruffle Cut 4" wide strips from the leftover coordinating fabric. Piece together if necessary. I used 3 pieces of 48"x4" strips then sewed them together (see pic below)

pieced together long strip
Fold the 12 ft strip of fabric in half and stitch closed.

Step #3: Attaching the pleated ruffle

First things first. Place your novelty fabric right side up on a flat surface. Find the middle of the strip of fabric and pin to the bottom center of your novelty fabric. This will assure that you have equal trim on both sides. Place the raw edge of your trim strip on the raw edge of the bottom of the novelty fabric. Line them up. Next you want to continue to fold, pleat and pin your fabric strip all the way around the bottom and sides of your novelty fabric.

When you are done pinning it will look like this:

Now it's time to sew the pleated ruffle trim to the novelty fabric. Use the stitches on the trim strip as your guide and sew along the outside of the apron body attaching the trim.

Step #4: Sewing the apron body together Sandwich the coordinating 32"x23" piece of fabric right side down onto the novelty fabric (which now has the trim already sewn on).

Flip pinned sandwiched fabrics over. Now you will have the novelty fabric wrong side up. Stitch along the sides and bottom, again following the previous stitches.

Once sewn together, turn right side out and iron.

Step #5: Sew on the Ric Rac

Step #6: Attaching the waistband Grab your 90"x5"wide strip of coordinating fabric. You'll probably need to sew a few pieces together to make such a long strip just like you did for the pleated ruffle trim. Fold the waistband fabric strip in half and iron.

Next fold in the ends and iron. Then mark 1/2 inch from edge with a pencil the length of the fabric strip.

Next fold and iron at 1/2 inch marks along the entire length of fabric strip.

Then fold in the ends to create a point.

Fold the strip back together and sew the end shut.

Pin and sew the apron body to the open waistband strip. You will essentially envelope the top of the apron body so there's no need to serge or worry about fraying.

Lastly, fold the waistband strip back down and stitch at the bottom of the entire length. This will close the waistband and finish adhering it to the apron body. 
That's all folks. I included a ton of pictures and I assure you it was not time consuming at all. It took me a little over an hour to complete.
Thanks for having me Jen. Come visit me over at La La Bliss. I have tons of great DIY gift ideas coming up.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Homemade for the Holidays: Day 6 - Melissa from La La Bliss

Pin It Our week of homemade for the holidays is almost over!  Not to fret, though, we're goin' out with a bang.  I have not just one, but TWO awesome gift ideas from Melissa over at La La Bliss.  I've known Melissa for about 100 years and I can say that you'll like hangin' out with her.  She's super creative and has a great sense of humor.  Check out her Fancy Cowgirl Wineglasses...

Howdy ya'll, I'm Melissa and I blog over at La La Bliss. I've known Jen from Sunny Vanilla for quite a while now, we used to work in the corporate world together. Jen's a fun chick so when she asked me to be part of the Sunny Vanilla Homemade for the Holidays I was super excited. In fact, I was so excited she gave me today and tomorrow to show off my homemade holiday gift ideas. Wanna know more about me? Well hop on over to La La Bliss.

For today's project, I'm going to show you a simple, affordable gift perfect for the country girl in your life - Fancy Cowgirl Wineglasses. I came across the idea on Pinterest but put my own twist on it to make it a little fancier. Supplies:
  • (4) 12 ounce Mason Jars
  • (4) clear candle holders (Dollar Store)
  • D6000 Glue (best glue ever - dries clear as glass)
  • Misc. beads, confetti, glitter, etc.

Prep: Wash the mason jars and candle sticks to remove all residue. Wipe the bottom of the mason jar and the rim of the candle stick with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol. Allow to dry. This is a second effort to remove any and all residue so the jar stays glued to the candle stick (aka wine stem). Cause there's nothing worse than having a big ol' glass full of moonshine spill all over the place!

Next, fill the hole in the candle holder with beads or confetti or any small item that you'd like to use. (This is my addition to the project.) You could even apply a coat of clear glue (I would suggest Mod Podge) and sprinkle in glitter (allow to dry before gluing on the jar). After you've fanci-fied your candle holder, apply a medium amount of glue to the rim of the candle holder. You don't want too much because it will seep into the candle holder well and make your beads stick together.

Place the jar on top and allow to dry for 4 hours. Check on your wineglass occasionally to make sure the jar hasn't moved or slipped off center. That's it! All done! Thanks for having me visit Jen! See you guys tomorrow! I've got another fun project to share! Be sure to check me out at La La Bliss the blog or La La Bliss on Facebook.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Homemade for the Holidays: Day 5 - Sarah from Alderberry Hill

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Happy Friday!  Today is day five of Homemade for the Holidays.  Visiting us today is the talented Sarah, from Alderberry Hill, with a great Christmas tree ornament gift idea.

Hi friends! This is Sarah from Alderberry Hill
I am so excited to be sharing my 
Glitter Button Ornament 
tutorial with you today for Jen's Homemade for the Holidays series.

I am honored to be here!
I am in full swing with Christmas crafting, pop on over to my blog and check out my other Christmas ideas!
There have been so many great tutorials so far, I am always amazed by all the talent out there, you gals rock!
Here's the finished ornament and below I'll tell you how easy it is to create.

I started with a styrofoam ball, pick any size you like.
I got out my button stash and picked out mostly green buttons and a few yellow. Again choose colors to your preference, I bet a multi colored ornament would be fantastic as well.
All you do is start hot gluing the buttons to the styrofoam ball, overlap where necessary for a layered effect. I added the yellow buttons last, I thought a little contrasting color looked nice.

Once I had the ball covered I added a really wide ribbon for the hanger and also glitterfied (made up word) it! I painted a light coat of Mod Podge over the buttons and then sprinkled the glitter on. Glitter makes everything better!

Now you're done! Easy, right?

Thanks so much Jen for including me in this series, I had fun!
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