Friday, September 30, 2011

Spooksy Handband + Free Pattern

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What do you get when you combine a spooky blackbird with a cutesy handband?  A spooksy blackbird handband tutorial with free downloadable pattern.

This tutorial goes with my Pumpkin and Blackbird dress for fall.
Here's what you'll need:
black felt
1/4" elastic
a measuring tape or ruler
small black feather
black thread or a couple of strands of embroidery floss

Okay readers, let's get started.

First, you'll want to copy and save this image to your desktop.  Then print the template.

Use your felt for the pattern.

Because it's hard to see anything traced on the felt, try pinning it, and cutting around the template.

Once it's cut out, add a little eyeball with a small piece of scrap fabric.  You could also use a button.

Or you can leave it blank like this.

Now take your ruler or measuring tape and measure out 16".  This will fit most children's head dimensions.

Sew the handband together.  I used black embroidery floss, but black thread will work too.

Attach the headband at the center of the bird.  Sew in a few places to ensure it won't come loose.

Embellish with a piece of black feather.  This will also hide your stitch marks.

Wouldn't this make for a cute fall photo session?

Trying to get a good shot on a walking toddler can be a challenge. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pumpkin Dress + Vintage Buttons

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I found the cutest fabric for fall and decided I would snatch up a yard of it to make my little gal a dress. I used New Look pattern 6960 and tweaked it to make it easier for myself.  I like to call this bending the rules.

Here's the fabric up close.

Make sure you lay out the pattern exactly how it states in the example.  You'll find if you're working with fabric like mine, you need to make sure it's all facing the same direction. 

For the neck line...

Dress and neckline finito!

This is where my version of the dress comes into play.  I opted to use buttons with velcro for my attachment, so there wasn't a need for a zipper.

Finally MADE my own bias tape for the armholes using leftover fabric.

Dress complete.  Now for the velcro...

If you go this "easy, bend the rules sewing" route, make sure you sew the button on before attaching the velcro. 

And there you have it!  A new dress for fall.

Go out and try one for your little gal.  And for pete sakes, don't feel guilty about bending the rules!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Family Rooms

Pin It It's probably the most important room in the house aside from, maybe the kitchen.  But these days it seems one are the same with the new "great room" phenom.  Because they're SO BIG, sometimes these rooms can be difficult to decorate.  You want it to feel warm and cozy and I think the best way to achieve that is with some DIY projects.  Here are a little to energize your inner creative soul...

This can be one of the toughest places to fill in...the "above your couch blank wall."  I'd never think to do this, but it really makes a statement.  What a great way to show all of your fav pics without too many framed pictures that end up looking too cluttered.

I also love the mismatched look.  The pillows, furniture, and end tables are all different.  The one thing unifying the space is color.  And it looks FABULOUS!!!

via here

Another favorite of mine is the unconventional layout.  I like how this chaise lounge isn't apart of the big picture.  It makes for the perfect reading nook.  I love the white mixed with distressed wood and high curtains.  That couch would never fly in my house because of little fingers, but that's why IKEA made slip covers.  That bench and table is totally a DIY project in the making.  All you need is the right paint and sand brush.

Via here

This look is an easy one to achieve too.  The mirrored framed mirrors is going to be a little more costly to achieve, but you can always substitute them for framed children's artwork.  That's free!  It still makes a statement with the placement.  The books are covered in paper and the vases could be salvaged at a thrift store.  Just cut a branch from outside and VOILA!

Via here

What's your favorite DIY family room project?

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Great Giveaway Week

Pin It I've been a busy bee the past few days!  I was gearing up for a big craft fair in my area.  That = lot's and lot's of sewing + last minute trips to Michaels and several late nights.  But I'm here today, halfway alive and sleep deprived.  I don't plan on changing out of my pajamas or wearing a bra today.  I hope that's okay to say, but I'm keepin' it real ladies.

Onto other news...

We have been doing some serious giveaways the past couple of weeks and I'm not done yet!  I've hooked up with One Artsy Mama and several other ladies for the GREAT GIVEAWAY WEEK!  I haven't given away a diaper bag roll, but one lucky winner will be walking away with one.  Head over to One Artsy Mama for entry rules and get your lucky on.  She's giving away A LOT of great stuff!!!

Here's some of what you can choose for the giveaway.  If you like a makeup roll fabric better, I can switch it out for a diaper bag roll.  The fabric combinations are endless, so I can make it custom for you too!

Diaper Bag Roll in Auto Parade

 Diaper Bag Roll in Canyon

Diaper Bag Roll in Lollipop

Diaper Bag Roll in Hopscotch

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Makeup Roll Winner

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I'm excited to announce that Bridget is the winner of the black and white makeup roll!!!  

Bridget entered in the Double Blog Giveaway Day and won with this comment:

And now I'm a Three's 4 Me follower! I'm excited to check out your site! Thanks for the opportunity!

Congratulations Bridget!!!

What is your favorite store?

Pin It This is a great question and so hard to answer.  I don't have just one favorite store; I have many!  But my favorite stores aren't exactly in my budget, so I'm going to set this one up as my favorite store if I had a limitless budget and my favorite store that I can actually shop in.

{Giveaway winner will be announced this evening, so you still have more time}

1. Favorite limitless budget store:  Anthropologie...hands down.  I could live in that store.  Honestly, I could.  They have beds, kitchen ware, clothing, bathroom decor, and books...lot's of great books.  Oh, and I think if I could pick a dream job, it would be decorating the windows in this store.  They always have the best window decorations.

Hello fall.
Transatlantic Bag

Two white peonies please. 
Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase

I'll take a Tom Collins please.
Tangerine Flicker Dress

2. My favorite reality store is Target.  Sorry, I know it's a big box store, but they have great things at great prices.  I love that I can buy diapers, earrings, dog food, nail polish, and some Reese's pieces all at the same spot.  It's convenient and when you work part of your day around nap schedules, this is the easiest place to get it all done.

One ticket to Morocco please.
Square Drop Earrings - Gold

Molly girl's fav.
Purina Beneful Original Food - 31.1 lb.

Jackie O. said whatever goes on the toes, but nothing darker than a ballerina slipper on the hands.  I think we can ignore that for this.
essie Nail Color - too too hot

There you have it.  Now, what is your favorite store?

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wristlet Winner

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Last week I posted a giveaway for a pretty poppy wristlet and I'm excited to announce the winner tonight.

And the WINNER is...

Angee from Sunshine in my life commented: "I'm now a twitter follower."

Congratulations on your new wristlet!!!

Double Blog Giveaway Day

Pin It Hellooooo blog readers! I'm super excited about today because it's a Double Blog Giveaway Day!!!  Nicole over at Three's 4 Me is giving away this adorable set of zippered pouches to one of you.  She just opened her Etsy shop, so go have a look at all of her beautiful work.

She is also offering a 10% discount today and tomorrow {Sept. 13 & 14} off everything in her shop.  So if you see something that you love {remember Christmas is just around the corner}, then make sure to check out with coupon code: SUNNYVANILLA10.

But wait, there's more...I'm giving away my latest makeup roll on her blog, so make sure you go and check out Three's 4 Me.

Don't you want to meet the gal behind these beauties?  She's funny, she's talented, and she's super nice {she also has the cutest family too}.

Hello, there all! My name is Nicole Cisneros, and I'm stoked for this giveaway with the lovely lady behind Sunny Vanilla! {Am I allowed to say that this is my first giveaway ever?} Anyway! I blog over HERE, so you should come on over to say hello, and while you're at it, enter the fabulous giveaway going on today! A little bit about myself, I'm a mommy to an outrageously adorable 20-month-old, and am expecting another little munchkin this coming January. My husband can make me giggle at the drop of a hat, and what's even better? He was one supportive dude when it came to me teaching myself how to sew. {Yeah, honey, that looks great! The seam isn't nearly as crooked as the last one!} {And could you believe it? I actually LOVED hearing "compliments" like that!} Once again, I'm super excited to be participating in this giveaway, and you should swing by the blog at some point and my SHOP! I'd love to have you!
Giveaway: Three Zippered Pouches

Hello Polka Dots and Lace...ooohhh, la, la!  Love!

To win this set of zippered pouches, you must:

1. Be a follower of Three's 4 Me
2. Be a follower of Sunny Vanilla

For extra entries
Favorite something in Nicole's Etsy Shop

Make sure to leave a comment for each {that's a total of three possible comments}.

Giveaway will be announced on my blog Thursday!  Good Luck!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pretty Poppy Wristlet

Pin It Are you feelin' lucky today?  Yes, you say?  Well, good, because I'm giving away a pretty, poppy wristlet.  It has all the colors of late summer and a few to welcome in the fall.  I know there are some of you out there wanting to get a head start on the holiday shopping.  This little wristlet would make a great present or stocking stuffer.  Put a little something in it and make it personalized.  It's 100% handmade and it measures 6.5" in. x 5" in.

Giveaway rules: {Most of you know the drill, but if you're new, check it out below}

1.  You need to follow Sunny Vanilla
2.  Like Sunny Vanilla on FB

Extra Entries: 

1. Favorite something in my Etsy shop
2. Follow me on Twitter

The winner will be announced on my blog next Tuesday, Sept. 13th.  Good Luck!!!

*necklace not included with giveaway

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